WIN Make up products IN THE VALUE OF 500$

Because 2010 is close to the end, THIS GIRL is going to give to a lucky girl a lot of things to play with.

these are some of the wonderful things that she gives:

In February we fell in love with a new lipstick from Chanel so you get a Chanel Rouge Coco in 05 Mademoiselle!

In September the YSL Rock & Baroque collection captured our hearts so you get the Touche Eclat & Manicure Couture – duo vernis couleur – No 4 Duo-Y-Cone!

Just last month shu uemura presented an Abracadabra Fantasy – you get the lip duo tint & gloss in love apricot!

March gave us Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin so you get two in Sheerfully Sweet & Blushing Beauty!

September gave us Benefit – Girl Meets Pearl and we want you to meet her too!

In October Pür Minerals brought up two wonderful sets – Earthly Treasures and Heavenly Delights and you get them both!

June was when Lise Watier Feline Waterproof Mascara HD & Feline Eyeliner HD take them, they’re yours!

In November we were introduced to Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick so you get one in 44 Praline Distingue & an Effet 3D Lipgloss in 15 Rose Arctic!

August brought us the OPI Swiss Collection Nail Lacquer so you get Color So Hot It Berns & From A To Z-urich!

In November we gave you an alternative to lipstick with Vasanti Tinted Lipbalm and we want you to try Columbia!

September introduced us to the Mary Kay Metro Chic Collection – we want you to have aVinyl Lip Shine in Attitude & Be Radiant Baked Powder in Dusk!

September gave us and we want you to have the mark. on the dot Eye Color Compact & lip to be square Lip Tint in sheer rose!

August brought us Avon Anew Youth Awakening Eyeshadow & Primer Kit so you get two in shimmering dusk & spring green!

In June we met LuMESH Lipgloss so you get Magaly!”

So I wish good luck to all girls and may the lucky one share something from her prize with friends!

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